Comments To Hate

About Comments To Hate

1. What is this? -For each entry on Comments To Hate, we read the comments section of a news article. Then, we tell you:

  • how many total comments were posted at that time,
  • what the first comment said,
  • which one, in our opinion, ‘wins’ for being most clueless or ridiculous, funniest, or just happening to hit us the right way,
  • how many comments it took to turn hateful, or before someone just got too angry/scornful/mean based on the subject matter,
  • what that commenter said,
  • which comment struck us as the most “WTF,”
  • how many comments it took for someone to bring Obama into it,
  • what that person said about him, and
  • the occasional bonus comment, that doesn’t necessarily fit the rest of our criteria, but is just too… *something* to pass up.

2. Some of these articles are weird. How do you pick them? – Sometimes, it’s random. Occasionally, it’s an article we just wanted to read, that happened to have a squirming mess of internet insanity in the comments. When we’re specifically looking for material, we normally try to pick articles that aren’t too political, and that cover generally inoffensive subject matter. One of the things that really solidified the idea of this site was when we read an article about Netflix expanding its streaming media services to mobile devices, and there were comments from people who sounded genuinely outraged. It got political (somehow), and went downhill from there. That day, we started seriously discussing the notion of Comments To Hate.

3. But you used [some] story about [some] subject matter! That’s political and/or a very offensive topic to me! -Ok.

4. A comment you picked as a ‘winner’ offended me; what the hell?! -We’re not necessarily endorsing any of these comments. It’s not called “Comments We Loved” for a reason. As far as the ‘winner’ is concerned, it’s not that it had to be a ‘good’ comment, or even one that we liked. Sometimes, it’s another ‘WTF.’ Occasionally, it’s that the tone of the comment is a complete 180 from the rest of the ones on the article. Sometimes, the poster missed the point completely, or they just appeared to be trying to lighten the mood a bit. We never set out to offend. There’s enough of that already going around; we don’t need to try.

5. What’s with the Obama stuff? Don’t push your political views on me! -We’re not. At all. Really. Have you read our posts? We just noticed that almost every comment section on the articles we read, no matter what the topic, mentioned Obama in some way. It’s usually random, and often funny, so it got included. When the internet stops shoehorning Obama into every topic of conversation from the Tour de France to bad drivers, we’ll change it to whatever or whoever they focus on next. If we’d started this site sooner, it would have been “First to Bush:” instead.

6. Is this some kind of cult? -If it gets you to send us gobs of money, and require absolutely nothing from us, including communication, then “Yes. Yes it is.”

7. Can you guys fix my blender? -No. Why do people keep asking that?

8. How often is this site updated? – The long answer: Whenever we’ve got a spot of free time and are near a computer. Weekend updates may happen, but don’t hold your breath. We’re likely doing things or being hungover. The short answer: Multiple times each day during the week.

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