Comments To Hate

Honorable Mentions

Check back here frequently for articles and comments that didn’t quite fit the criteria, but were just too out there to be ignored.

Without driver or map, vans go from Italy to China
Bonus ‘WTFery’, beyond what we already posted:

  • “Rob Peter to pay paul To Recharge the batteryies Where did they get the power Did they have a Gas burning generator? what what?? -HCARL
  • “Hope it won’t result to the usual’ ‘software copying” stuff….better get out of there.” -Freedom
  • “And this technology is how old now? Aside from driving itself, a BMW 5 series, pretty much has the same camera and sensor package…” -Chris M
  • “When the heck is Dora the explorer going to get rid of her map(rosie perez) and get a darn GPS with the voice of Demi Devoto or Miranda Cosgrove.” -Ed
  • “This car is really amazing, it even breathes.” -Seven
  • “Wonderful ! No Woman drivers…. Hut Ya !” -SpaceMonkey
  • “And why would you want a driverless car? To not go somewhere?” -Richard F
  • “good, now, wheres david speilberg?” -DOVER
  • “I don’t want to go to Italy or China.” -Mr. Baseball
  • “to bad united states cant do anything like this,just a god less shame,but when you got big oil brideing and paying all our politicians lobbying money to keep new technologys out and when they ceaser owns organised religion through prostitution,of publics tax dollars through faith based charitable services,same old game will go and on-organised religion will sell the country out and slave us to oil,they do anything to continue receiveing public tax dollars through faitrhy based services which are incorporated into the churchs-big oil will even give a world war 3 and organised religion will sopport it out of christian ideology,want an amrageddon big oil will get you one with the sopport organised religion holding theese creeps in power all out of greed for public tax dollars and the devil gets the oil.our country is dommed,thanks to george bush passing religious laws in violation of constitution and obama failer to challenge it,!” -Frank

Top British spy delivers first public speech
*Bonus: First to Top Gear*: “I heard he’s also The Stig.” -25thInfDiv
*Bonus: First to make a sane, rational point… then completely undo it*:[responding to a comment complaining that a user felt he/she was being censored] “I don’t think Yahoo censors these headline boards. I’ve seen HORRIBLE, graphic things go through, with really bad language, violence, etc., and had innocent comments NOT go through. It’s just server problems, hit or miss. However, a few years ago they deleted my longtime ID at Yahoo Food for speaking up about the health risks of alcohol on a wine story. I lost everything–all my saved emails, my groups, my website I’d had for years, and can never get it back. This is where they ASKED for comments. They’ll do it at Yahoo Answers, too, for having a difference of opinion and someone reports you.” -Cindybin

Google is testing cars that drive themselves
Number of Comments that Referenced:

  • “Sheeple”/being dumbed-down/handing over liberties: 15
  • Blue Screen of Death/”Crashing”: 14
  • Viruses/hackers: 9
  • The superiority/inferiority of Apple Products: 7
  • Google is Skynet: 4
  • Fear of EMP attacks/lightning strikes: 4
  • Films/TV shows with less than 3 mentions: Star Trek, Demolition Man, Jetsons, Futurama, Minority Report, Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Thunderball, Inspector Gadget, The Simpsons, The Matrix, Total Recall

5 secrets you shouldn’t keep from your GYN
“I have an extra pancreas, but I’ve never told my doctor about it. I keep it in a jar under my bed and feed it breadcrumbs.” -JCrobuzon

Actor injured on stage after faulty gun goes off
“I was acting in a community theater rendition of “Cats” when one of my fellow actors was neutered.” -James

Michael Jackson scarecrows get Taiwan birds to beat it
“no comment” -Don B.

AP source: Vikes get Moss from Patriots in trade
“Gulf Seafood is safe to eat.” –Rick Da Ruler

FBI: Stripper, drugs, guns and judge don’t mix
“It’s all because of those Lady Ga-Ga songs.” -Mister big-RED


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